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Camouflage and Spin have led innovations in the Out of Home Advertising segments. It is this mutual admiration that led us to this point.

In 2011, Spin Communications (U) Ltd opened its doors in Uganda. Spin made its mark in the out of home advertising segment as an innovator. Having built the first functional passenger shelters that gave brands ‘street presence’. In 2013, Spin Communications U Ltd was consulted by Standard Chartered Bank U Ltd. Spin successfully provided a strategic human resource solution to the bank in the form of a “nationwide staff motivational campaign”.

Camouflage Media is Uganda’s industry leader in the Digital Signage space; pioneering indoor Digital Signage Services across multiple industries like Banks, Hospitals and Retail in 2012. In 2015, the alliance (Camouflage and Spin) brought to life a new out of home advertising channel called, “Transit Media”, with numerous benefits to clients.

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An Advertisement is the actual representation of the message (Audio/Visual) in any medium (Print, Television, Digital, Outdoor). Through structured interactions with organizations/clients, we are able to understand any organizations needs and therefore strategize to develop the appropriate message & also see through its implementation across different media.
  • Copywriting
  • Content
  • Production (Video, Audio)
  • Graphic Design
Media (Strategy, Buying, Monitoring)
  • Broadcast
  • Outdoor
  • Digital
  • Print
A Brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or other feature that distinguishes an organization or product from its rivals in the eyes of the customer. Identity (Brand) plays an important role in the establishment and sustainability of an entity/organization/firm both locally and internationally.
  • Logo & Brand Guide / Manual
  • Business Cards, Identity Cards, Profiles, Letterheads, Stamps
  • Website Design
We strive to create value drivers for organizations. Our efforts have led us to conjure up novel interventions in the media space. Some of these initiatives include;
  • Transit Media - Bus Advertising Out of Home “moving billboards” that maximize visibility of your advertisement.
  • Bus Shelter Advertising Target over 2 million commuters with 66 bus shelters strategically placed around Kampala city.
  • Digital Signage Customized display screens on which you can run more targeted, local marketing campaigns.
Our Professionals leverage years of experience, conceptualized ideas & analytical information to advise our clients on what strategies to adopt in order to achieve organizational goals. We provide 360 advisory on Marketing Communications.
  • Market Analysis
  • Customer Service Surveys
  • Messaging Development
  • Branding, Positioning, Personality and Identity
  • Channel Assessment
  • Communication Methods
  • Work Plan
  • Monitoring & Evaluation
We support organizations to gain public visibility or awareness for a product / service through advice, and production of content for press releases and media outreach efforts to ensure our clients are speaking to their intended audiences and that their message will land with stakeholders and spur them to action.
  • Public Relations
  • Creative & Design
  • Content Creation
  • Baseline Surveys
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Campaigns
  • Market Research
  • Stakeholder Analysis
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